CAn there be Platonic friendship between a male and a female?

friendship ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION Depends upon the status and mental maturity of the both sexes. Primiarly, Platonic relationship means involving all the affectionate love and intimate relationship between a male and female. But a Platonic relationship stops at the point of intercourse between a male and female. No sexual contact is allowed in such relationship, even someone can be allowed to have phone sex indeed! Well, its ridiculous thing. But sometimes, a platonic relationship is preferred over the physical relationships. Because a Platonic relationship keeps a female or male away from any harmful outcome of sexual contact and its sequences. Moreover sometimes, both sex feel great and assume themselves strong individual being refrained from such sexual activities at their own wishes. Now the question is whether a platonic friendship is possible between a male and female, my answer is yes. Man or woman dont always seek each other's company for the sake of their sexual needs. We can leave the exception like nymphos, psychics or some sexually frustrated individuals. We can also leave the individuals who were refrained and made abstinate from sex by others. As a matter of fact, I am answering the question just assuming that our world is a perfect world and we human are wise creatures on the planet. Love or friendship see no age bar. Love or friendship can be found between the same age groups or between the odd age groups. A lady teacher can have a good friendship with a pupil of young age. There may not necessarily be involvement of physical contact. An old male professor can draw an attention of a young girl pupil of his class. But they may involve in the physical contact acivities necessarily until they get some complexes or complications of their lives. Genrally platonic friendship exists between male and female of different age groups. But I advocate that the platonic friendship can also exist between the male and female of same age group. After all, sex always doesnt matter!!!!!!!!

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