Hi please tell me about CISSP,CCNA,ITIL,MCSE and any other IT courcesrelated to IT infracture and difference between them each ?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION                                                             
ITIL - this can be done by any one with basis IT exp. This is for those who are in IT projects. ITIL Foundation course provides basic understanding of IT projects. A must for organisational growth with in a company.. go through the below question for more details on


CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate this is for people who want to purse networking career and specialise in Cisco networks which is the largest network solution provider. good career prospectives

CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. It certifies your expertise in IT security you can do it if you have worked on Infracture management/disaster recovery activities or or system or any application specific security/maintanance tasks . you need 2 years relavent experience. will keep you ahead of competition if you are pursuing IT security/maintanance careeer

MCSE : this is the equavalent of CCNA from microsoft for server and network administration to confirm your profeciency microsoft server/network adminstration

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