difference between Visa, master and maestro cards?

Answer :Visa , Master and Maestro are actually companies which are offering their payment services. The banks make use of these service and display the name on their credit cards. Basically a visa or a master payment service company make money in form of transaction fees from the bank. So they do not directly affect the end users like us who are using this cards. The only possible problem could be if a website or a company does not acccept mestro or master cards as mode of payment. Visa is accepted all over the world and Master comes second. Maestro is not all that popular and may not be accepted in some avenues. So if you are going to have multiple cards better to have different cards like visa/master / maestro than having all visa or master cards.

Answer :Master and masetro cards are issued by a company MASTER CARD WORLDWIDE. master card is credit card and mastero card is debit card. Visa is issued by a company VISA INC. CORPORATE. It offers as either credit card of debit card.

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Are master cards always credit cards? Can't master card be a debit card?

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