how does work? how does it make money?

what is business model. It it profitable to start a website like that

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION acts a felicitating party between buyers and sellers.

How it makes money: So it charges the dealers who wish to use naptol as a medium to sell their goods either per sale or a fixed amount for certain period of time for putting their products on display. They also have a advertise for money option where intrested parties can advertise on naptol for a price.

How it works: It is a online portal where you can compare various mobiles based on prices, brands and features. Once you select an item to buy you can also see all the offers available from different stores. You can select the offer that best fits you and order the item. But i had heard a few bad reviewes on naptol that the delivery and quality of the items delivered is not up to the mark. Well if the volume of the sales and the number of third parties involved is huge it is bound to happen as it is not able to keep track of all the orders and the goods shipped by diffferent stores i guess.

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