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how to apply for renault dealership in India?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION There are actually 44 Renault dealership accross the 13 states of India and its territories. These locations can be visited from the second link below. You can also find a dealer by visiting the main website of Renault at Now, locate that specific location and discuss about your needs of dealership in your area. There might be applications and necessary requirements needed before Renault will grand you that dealership.
   call the customer care number or email them and inquire about their requirment for dealership. And the process

The customar care number for eaquires is 180030044444

Email address for queries is

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Niraj kumar said...

i have already sent 3 to 4 mails on the above e-mail id, but never got any response from renault india. i think they are not in the mood to expand themselves in the country.

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