how can i improve my website page rank?

Create quality content

try and build backlinks by posting in forums that relate to the content on your website. So forums allow backlinks. So search for them and start posting relavent answers and leave answers. posting for the sake of backlinks alone will get you banned. so try to give genuine suggestions and leave your website link for reference.

check google webmaster tool what google query's are drawing visitors to your website.. try to write more content on those line or improve existing content to make your website more relavent

add social buttons like facebook , twitter share buttons on your website and encourage users to share if they like it

what is pagerank and how does it work?

Pagerank is what determines how your website ranks for a specific query..

you can check it through google webmaster tool. You need to create your account with google webmaster tool and add your website and verify you are the owner of the site..

when was miss India competition started?

Miss India competition was first held in 1947

Esther Victoria Abraham or known by stage name Pramila.

She later went on to become a movie star and producer.

when was miss world competition started?

It was started in 1951.
It was initially started a competition to judge based on Bikini but later grew in to its current format which involves many selection criteria

when was miss universe competition started?

It was started in 1952. It was started due to a controversy.

Catalina swimwear sponsored 1951 miss America event. But that year's Miss America refused to pose in the swimsuit of the sponsor Catalina swimwear.

So they withdrew from the event and started miss Universe and Miss USA competitions.

who is miss universe 2013?

Its Gabriela Isler from Venezuela

who is miss universe 2012?

Its Olivia Culpo from USA

who is miss universe 2011?

Its Leila Lopes from Angola

who is miss word 2012?

who is miss world 2013?

Megan Young from Philippines

She also acted in various TV shows, music albums and films

who is miss world 2011?

Ivian Sarcos from Venezuela.

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