who do you think will be better PM? Modi , Kejriwal or Rahul?

I hope Modi becomes the PM.

In the current scenario congress will get very few seats so it cannot form government.

AAP part can only be a spoiler in someone's party. No one knows if their model will be a success or a failure. I feel they need to prove themselves first at state level. If they come to power, i am scared what they will do. Aravind Kejriwal becoming a PM and sitting on a Dharna at G20 or other international gathering protesting something.

Modi has a proven track record in Gujrat of development and good governance. So my vote will be for Modi.

What is area 51? Where is i? How to get there?

Why is delhi police not under delhi state government controll?

Delhi is still a union teritory and the administrative powers for delhi lie under Central government.

Delhi was only granted partial statehood and the law and order responsibility still lies with central government.

Either the powers have to be transferred to Delhi local government or delhi has to be given full statehood for the Delhi police force to come under delhi local government.

top ten famous Indian politicians in 2013?

Narendra Modi
Arvind Kejrewal
Rahul Gandhi
Sonia Gandhi
Subramanya Swami
Omar Abdullah
Shashi Tharoor
Nitish Kumar
Akhilesh yadav
Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy
Manohar Parrikar

top ten hindi / bollywood movies in 2013 ?

This is not the biggest money makers list nor the most popular movie list. This is the list of movies of 2013 you should not miss according to me.

Bhag milkah Bhag
Madras Cafe
Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Krish 3
Shuddh Desi Romance
Kai Po Che!
The Attacks of 26/11
Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola

comments are welcome.

what are bitcoins ?

BitCoin is in online currency. It is not specific to any country.

Bitcoin works based on distributing the load that a powerfull super computer would process, over the Internet network on computers offering their CPU processing.

So your PC will do a small part of work that a super computer would do and earn some money out of it.

Bitcoin is not officially accepted as currency in any country but is used in some online transactions and is gaining popularity.

is aadhar card necessary?

No Aadhar card is not necessary. The supreme court of India has ruled against making Aadhar card mandatory. Earlier it was planned to make it mandatory for the people to avail certain schemes and services.

So for now its not mandatory.

why Indians or Hindu's wear Bindi / TIlak or the red dot at the centre of the forehead?

It was common for both men and women to wear this tilak/ dot in ancient India. Currently this has fallen out of fashion to some extent and men dont wear it a lot.

To understand the reason for this tilak, we first need to understand that the Hindu culture has through ages combined science and tradition together, so that good scientific habits could be carried down generations in the form of tradition.

If you search for kundalini meditation online you will find that the Agna Chakra which is a very important chakra in meditation is located at the centre of the forehead where hindu's put a red dot.

The Atma or the soul of a person is also located in this position according to Hindu scriptures.

There is also a meditation called third eye meditation or Jangama Dhyanam which focuses on concentrating on this same spot which is in the centre of the forehead just above the eyebrows.

So the tilak or the red dot at the center of the forehead is exactly applied at this point. There are various theories like

1. The red dot reminds us who we really are not the physical body but the soul or the Atma that is located at the center of the forehead.

2. This red dot is to stop the flow of energy outward from the Agna Chakra.

3. This red dot protects us form unwanted direct influence. Its said to act as a shield to our mind from           unwanted influence.

I believe all these can be true.

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