can we setup an alarm on windows xp to remind us of something while we are working on computer?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION Download the Advanced Task Scheduler. You can get this free software program from the South Software website. Follow the installation instructions and then restart Windows XP to start using the program. Sync your PC time with the time on the Advanced Task Scheduler program. You need to do this before setting up any of your reminders to make sure the time's correct. Select the new task option from the software program's main menu. Give the task a name, select the time for the popup message to appear and the description of the reminder. Pick the type of popup reminder you want to appear on your Windows operating system. You can have your reminder appear as a balloon tip, a window, or a transparent window near the task bar. Save the reminder. Before closing the popup reminder program, you should make sure you save the information. ALSO SEE MICROSOFT SITE IF U WANT FURTHER CLARIFICATION. BEST WISHES

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