can we trust website? websites similar to ?

Answer :Yes. this site is useful for people to identify properities to be bought. One can rent properties, buy and sell properties through reference from the site. However all other important formalities like verification of title, ownership etc. should done properly.

Answer :Yes, I believe that the website is a website that should be trusted with. However, in any website especially if it involves financial matters, you have to reserve yourself a little safe side. The following are my basis why I have mentioned that it is a legitimate website. 1. Website Design - the design of the website is professionally built by web development professionals. A company or website that tries to fool and scam a person don\'t bother to invest much on website development because we all know that building a website (especially professionally designed) costs a large amount of budget. 2. Contact Information - it has contact forms, addresses, and number. This is the most important determining factors for a legitimate website. Basically, they don\'t hide anything in case they encountered scams, you can always contact the administrators anytime. 3. Free to Register - as you can see at the top right most of the website, you can see the link REGISTER FREE. This means that it costs you nothing to register and use the service. I hope I have given you an idea about the legitimacy of the website. However, you have to verify yourself, ask the people who are already a member of that site and ask for their experiences. Goodluck. Regards, Mark

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