can you please tell me all the hardware components of a computer and how they work together to give finaloutput on screen?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION When we talk about the full details about how computer hardwares work, it is a complicated process actually. However, I could still provide you a simple idea for you understand in a basic way. [b]Hardware Parts of the Computer[/b] 1. [b]Motherboard [/b]- this is where all the remaining hardware parts are connected. 2. [b]Hard Disk[/b] - this is where all the data are installed like the Operating System. 3. [b]Random Access Memory[/b] - this is where the memory are temporary stored while the computer is turned on. 4. [b]Central Processing Unit[/b] - this is the most expensive and important part of the computer system. It is where both logical and mathematical calculations are happened. Basically, the process of computer starts when the computer is switched on using the switch button. The system checks all the devices if they are working and shows additional information in black screen background. Then the data is loaded from the hard disk drive where the operating system is stored. Regards, Mark

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