Difference between icse cbse state. Please explain in detail?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION State Cylubus is bookish and mugging up will get you good grades CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is you can say central cyllubus and the tests are based more on the concepts and your understanding and practical application If you are expecting regular transferrs between states, you can go for CBSE ICSE The Indian Certificate of S(econdary Education ) is carriculam by University of Cambridg adopted to Indian requirment. ISC ( Indian School Certificat) is the continuation of ICSE and is equaivalent certification to +2 or 12th. This is more of an international cariculam , easier compared to CBSE and State boards and will help if your kids are going to join international schools. But i would suggest State board or CBSE over this. between CBSE and State i would suggest CBSE as it will improve analytical thinking

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