do you know some online article writing sites for indian those reallypay high amount?

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Answer :There are many online article writing sites that pay a good amount of money. These are the best online writing sites for international members. 1. Factoidz.Com - a great writing site which pay you upfront payment based on the overall quality of your articles. In addition, they also offer passive income based on page views. These site also offers review and product comparison reports for additional income. 2. ExpertsColumn.Com - it is a great site to write for. Although your income is based on the views of the articles, it still pays one of the highest CPM which is 1.5 dollars every 1000 page views. 3. Triond.Com - although there are speculations that this site offers a low income based on pageviews, it is still a great site for additional income. 4. ExposeKnowledge.Com - a great site to begin with because they offer upfront payment based on the quality and length of your articles. In addition, they also have point system which give you additional 3 dollars in your account if you reach 1000 points from your submissions and forum participations. 5. IndiaStudyChannel.Com - in this site you can have various ways to earn money. You can earn significant amount from Google Adsense and Kontera. In addition to that, they also offer upfront payments for resources and forum posts. These are the top 5 paying online article writing sites to write for even if you don\'t have your own Google Adsense account. Based on my experience, they are all legitimate and paying sites. Goodluck. Regards, Mark

Answer : You might want to check [link url=][/link] Check the job board of this site, there are some genuine jobs posted over here.

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