Haiku is associated with which literature ?

Answer :Haiku is associated with japanese literature. Its unrhymed Japanese poetic form.

Answer :The origin of haiku is impossible to fix. Matsuo Basho, the great 17th century Japanese poet, certainly did not invent the poems that eventually became known as haiku. But his body of work and the work of his followers has been uniquely influential on haiku and related forms. In Basho\'s time, hokku was the name of the first stanza in a linked verse form called hakai no renga. Basho infused his hokku with a depth and clarity that was not typical of the form up to that time. Some of his hokku capture a moment of heightened awareness in which the boundary between subject and object seems to disappear. This heightened awareness—and the role of Nature in inspiring it—are two of the most discussed and elusive characteristics of literary haiku.

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