Has a cure been found for AIDS?

Not yet! Though the scientists have developed some techniques to prevent and check the growth of AIDS virus in the body. To some extent spread of disease can checked but only in the early stage. R & D in Artificial immune system still has been in progress in the different labs. Cent percent cure for AIDS has not been attained yet. And no vaccination is possible yet because the virus if of retro nature. Some research laboratories have got success in checking the spread of the disease in some animals but in human, they have not been successfull to the satisfactory level. Research and Experiments are still going on. I am doubtful that some Major pharmceutical's laboratories might have found the cure for AIDS, but still its kept secret from all the world. May be they would be waiting for the huge outbreak of the disease and till AIDS become worldwide epidemic. Then there would be a huge marked for such pharmaceutical majors. And on that day they may disclose the formula of the cure!!! But sill now we have to wait for the cure of AIDS!

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