how are Oats prepared? what are the ingradients of oats? is it good to have oats daily?

will having oats regularly have any sideaffects? ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION Oats are a kind of cerels (Grains/seeds). They are grown just like wheet and rice. Oatmeal is prepared by processing oat grains. They are subjected to cleaning,removing their outer covering, cutting, etc. [b]Benifits:[/b] Oats have high amount of fiber and vitamins and can reduce cholestrol content in body. Oatmeal fills your stomach quickly and you wont be hungry for a longer time. It can also decrease the posibility of getting heart attack. [b]Sideaffects:[/b] Oatmeal can gas as it has high fiber. So its best to start Start having oatmeal in small quantity and then slowly increase the quantity so that your digestive system gets accustommed.

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