How does the menu influence the design of a foodservice operation?

The Menu ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION The menu should be suited to the kind of customers that the restuarant has. If the customers are looking for a quick meal , then the menu should have items which are simple , which are easy for the customers to underst and and are easy to preapage and easy to serve. Like a Burger, hotdog, cookie or a cobination of the with coffe,coke etc.m. They can be served in an american plate style quickly If you have customers who are coming to enjoy the experience and who are more intrested in taste, you should have menu which is more elaborate and which has more opttions for the ustomers and more options to customise his dishes to suit their apetite / taste. This means more time spent on preparing and serving the dishes. Ofcource you will be biling more to the customer as well. The menu can also be made to suite the time of the day as well based on type customers you get.

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