how much does charge? brokrage fees ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION [b]Transaction fees:[/b] for transactions between 0-5000$ they charge 3.25% of the transaction amount or 25$ which ever is higher For transactions between 5000 and 25000$ they charge .26& or 162.50$ which ever is higher. For any transaction above 25000$ they charge .89%. [b]Premier service fees:[/b] they have two different services Standard and Premier. You can opt for premier service if your transactions amount is less than 5000$. In premier service they accept credicard and paypal payments which they dont accept in standard service. They will charge 6.3% for premier service. As per website for premier service they also do additional 1. buyer ID verification, 2.fraud screening and also provide pririty email service. [b]Disbursment fees:[/b] They also charge money based on the way the seller want the money to be sent to him after the transaction is completed and is eligible to receive funds from buyer. Its free if you want check via regular email. But if you want wire transfer to you bank account they charge 20$ for us Bank accounts and 40$ for international bank accounts.

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