how much does western union charge?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION Lets take an example and see how it works. While sending money to India , westernunion charges you in two ways. 1. Service fees for each transaction. Lets say you want to send 1000 $ to India you would need to pay an additional 15$ charge to Westernunion. It varies with the amount like 36$ for 10000. 2. Westernunion also charges Foreign Exchange currency conversion charge. forex charges are deducted when you initiate a transaction for sending money. If deducted, then you will see the deducted forex fees in the receipt. If it is not detected when you transfer funds, it will be deducted when the money is withdrawn. So, if you dont see the orex charge in the receipt, then be careful to withdraw money only when there is no depriciation in the doller value.

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