how to find the value or price of a website? i dont think websites that provide automatic evaluation are giving correct value

Answer :yes there are a lot of websites which tell you the value of a your website and i tried a few but they never gave me the real picture. Below are the things which matter if you want to find out the value of website 1. Its ability to pull regular and unique visitors as unique visitors are the ones who click on your ads more often than not. 2. How many pageviews does your website receive. any thing below 1000 per day means less traffic and less value. 3. How much money does your weebsite make per month. If its making less than 50 $ then you will face problem in selling it 4. Does your website have good advertising blocks in clickable areas like in header, towards the rightside, just below content. 5. How easy is it to customise it 6 You should also show the website statistics like google analytics data to your prospective buyer so he can make an informed decission.

Answer :There are many websites that assess other websites\' value based on many factors. You are certainly right that these websites only provide the ESTIMATED daily, monthly or yearly income of the website. It is true that there is no exact value of a website because there are daily changes on income of these websites. All you need to remember is that these websites only provide estimations for giving a limited data because there is no website which could provide exact values. These are the websites that calculates a website value. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Regards, Mark

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