how to reduce PDF document size ?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION It is really important to reduce the size of any document for the purpose of saving additional storage space. These are the best tips to reduce PDF document size. 1. Recreate the PDF file and save it to a smaller size - you can shrink the images of the pdf files as well as reducing the size of texts, this would greatly reduce the size of the pdf file. You can use PrimoPDF software to recreate the PDF file. 2. Use save as feature to reduce the PDF file size - you can use a third party software application to use the save as feature of PDF like Nitro PDF Professional. 3. Remove unnecesary objects from the PDF file - remove unnecessary objects such as bookmarks, links, scripts, etc. 4. Shrink images from the PDF file - you can use Nitro Pro to reduce the size and quality of the images from the PDF file, this would also reduce the PDF document size. 5. Edit and reduce individual images - edit and reduce some images present on the file. Make use of Nitro PDF as your tool to do this. Regards, Mark

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