i want to buy a compute for highresolution videogames. what are the prerequists for a computer before i buy for playing high resolution games ?

also tell me wihat are the best computers brands for gaming ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION There are many factors that you have to consider when you are planning to purchase a computer for your high resolution video games. Please consider the following software and hardware requirements as well as their appropriate explanations. 1. [b]Video Card or Graphics Card[/b] - this is the most important of all the things you have to consider in your high resolution computer system. The higher the video card memory the better graphics it can handle. The minimum requirements of video cards for high resolution computer games like 3D games should be at 1 gigabyte memory, however, if you have enough budget to purchase 2 gigabytes, it would be better. Just do the logic, the more memory the better. 2. [b]Central Processing Unit (CPU)[/b] - this is another important thing you have to consider. Since high graphics games require higher speed of processor, you also have to increase the power of your CPU. You can choose either Intel Quad Core, Core2Duo, Core I3, Core I5, or CoreI7 as the fastest. 3. [b]Random Access Memory (RAM)[/b] - this is another important hardware part that you have to consider. High graphics or resolution games also require your computer system a higher RAM, RAM should range from 2 gigabytes as the minimum and 4 gigabyte as the maximum. Just choose depending on your budget. 4. [b]Operating System[/b] - any operating system would work, however, I would still strongly recommend you to use latest versions Windows operating system. Please take note that that the higher the Operating System version the better its compatibility to your games. When it comes to brands, you don't have to worry about it because any brand would do as long as you have the above mentioned parts upgraded. Regards, Mark

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