is health insurance and Travel insurance same?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION Health Insurance - Related to health related problems which are coming in normal life, which covers for particular period ex. 1 year. case 1. normal sickness case 2. surgey case 3 delivery cases case 4 critical illness - heart failure, kidney,lungs problem, paralysis etc 3rd party are there - FHPL,GHPL, TTK HEALTH, SBILIFE - HOSPITAL CASH. Travel Insurance - case 1- if the person visiting some other countries in that case he needs that one. case 2- if a group vising new places/countries, they can take this one, valid for that particular period. This will come under general insurance - Reliance Insurance, Icici prulife, SBI GENERAL Insurance etc Pls see this one and let me know for any issues. Regards

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