Is it the right time to go Manali Hill Station?

Hi, I am planning to go for Manali Hill Station with my husband. Is this the right time to go for a trip? I have read somewhere that due to heavy snowfall, the roads are blocked, So please suggest me what to do!! I have browsed a site for the booking of my tour. ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION Hi Richa! Manali is one of the best hill stations of India, I would say, but its not the best time to visit Manali. As you've already mentioned the roads are blocked and there's heavy snowfall, in addition to that, the temperature will be very low, you might not even be able to take a walk without shivering. The best time to visit Manali would be April-June since the weather is very pleasant then. If you want to have an experience with snow all around you, I would suggest you go to Rohtang Pass (51 Km from Manali). Happy Trip!

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