Is Science a real advantage to the mankind?

science ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION Indeed!!!! I think so. Definitely Science is a real advantage to mankind. All the field of human life, viz., arts, culture, agariculture, technology, computers, Web, Engineering, Medical field, all the academic subjects, at some or little extent invariably attached to the Science. Science has most in field of life sciences and web world. Our world was given a global village due to the contribution of Science. Internet had made us like neighbours, though we may be far longer than 24 hours from each others. Cellphones, GPS, Geostationary satellites, Drone planes, etc, are the invention of Science and these inventions are serving mankind. Without science, we cant imagine a life more than a life of a cave man. We are called civilized, we are called the most intelligent creatures living on the earth, only because of the progress and contribution of Science. We became 'Rationale, Logical, Thinker, Philosopher as the Science changed our views and attitudes. Science changed the way as we thought previously.

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