Please give me steps involved in creating a website on which i can display videos to loggedin users?

I want to be able to display vides to different users at the same time. and only logged in users can view the videos. ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION use blogger or wordpress blog. They both have setting to make the blog open to private members and also to add videos in the blog post. i would suggest blogger blog. You can upload your video on to the blog using google vides. there is no restriction on size as well you can go to settings of the blog and make the blog private and membership can be given only to user who you want. rest of users wont be able to access the blog However you cannot use paid membership blog with blogger blog as it is in violation of terms. You can use wordpress for this and you can make your your blog ad free by paying a little yearly price. But the size of contentent that can be stored is 3 GB which i believe is enough

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