Please tell me about history and importance of Ellora?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION Ellora in Aurangabad District in Maharashtra is known for the caves built by Rashtrakuta dynasty in 5th-7th century AD. It is well known for its World Heritage site. Ellora has Budhist, Jain and Hindu carvings in different caves at the same site. They were carved in to stone formed due to flow of valcano. Among the Hindu caves Kailasanatha temple, Dasavathara (10 avatars) caves are famous ones. Among Buddhist caves The Vishvakarma Cave (cave 10) is well known one. Good hotels in Ellora -- Hotel Kailas Vrindavan Resorts. Hotel Kailas -(02437-244543, 244446) is most conveniently located hotel in Ellora. But both Ajanta caves and Ellora caves can be visited from Aurangabad. One day for Ajanta and another day for Ellora and Aurangabad.

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