Please tell me about profitable businesses i can start in Philipines? small and medium scale business?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION Philippines is not actually not so rich country, however, opportunities are endless especially when it comes to businesses. That is why many foreign businessmen like Indians, Chinese and Americans invest in the Philippines. These are the best business you can established in this country. [b]Small Businesses[/b] 1. Small Grocery Stores 2. Street Foods Vendors 3. Printing 4. Catering 5. Cellphone Repair Shop 6. Electronics Repair [b]Medium Businesses[/b] 1. Grocery 2. Fast Food Chain 3. Computer Stores 4. Electronics Stores 5. Computer Rental Chain These are just the top businesses that you can start in the Philippines, there are many other businesses that might have a good opportunity. However, success of any business always depends on the proper management and implementation of it. Regards, Mark

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