pls suggest me some home remedies for Asthma?

pls suggest me some home remedies for Asthma? ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION Yoga and pranayam will definately help. The below link gives good list of yogasanas. Asthma patience need to do light exercise daily like walking. They need to avoid smoke,pollution and need a lot of fresh air.. Asthama prone people should also try to avoid spicy foods and packaged foods. greasy foods (oily and cheesy) foods are not good for asthma prone patience Avoiding rice and having a lot of leafy vegetable and fresh fruits regularly will help. Papaya and pineapple are good. a cup of milk boiled with a 4 to 5 garlic slices early morning will help. lemon water mixed with honey after meals will help also dry anjeer fruit put in wanter in the night and taken every mornings will also help.

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