tell me about FHPL health insurance. is it good? how it works?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION FHPL is a Third Party Administrator in the field of Health Insurance duly licensed by Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India.FHPL offers a complete suite of healthcare services and covers a wide spectrum of health benefits for corporates and organizations. FHPL works closely with all the leading insurance companies both public and private sector in designing the best suitable products to your needs. It is imperative for a payer organization to increase its health insurance claims processing automation and reduce administrative costs. We offers end-to-end world-class health insurance claims processing solutions to help you manage your claims effectively. Use of Information Technology in the insurance domain maximizes customer information and optimizes channels to serve the customer better. Our people undergo intensive training suitable for the insurance industry and its products. They are trained to handle a high-pressure environment and understand the significance of real time monitoring and feedback. Our services strive towards complete implementation of automated end-to-end process flows until the claims are successfully resolved with the following; 1. Customer interaction services 2. Application/claim processing 3. Subscription service 4. Finance and Billing services 5. Medical and Healthcare Information Dispersal 6. Troubleshooting for products and services We provide high quality, value added services with emphasis on quality consistency along with timely, customized service . A telephonic information resource is offered to all our beneficiaries. This facility is operational for all 24 / 7 and 365 days for assisting the members with information of network hospitals, status of enrollment, claims, payment details, general information and assistance in admission is the highlight of this desk. it is good.

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