what are the different types of Insurance available in India?

Answer : There are different types of Insurance are available: Life insurance Health Insurance Car (Motor vehicle) insurance Travel insurance Home Insurance Corporate Insurance These are provides by different companies in INDIA. Regards

Answer :There are different types of Insurance policies available in INDIA. All the policies are approved by IRDA. Different types of Life Insurance policies: 1. Term insurance plans ( Low cost - Higher Insurance -No Maturity benefit ) 1a) Term insurance plans ( Low cost - Higher Insurance -Maturity benefit - all premiums paid back ) 2. Pension/Annuity Plans - Investing for some period and taking pension for after that everymonth. 2a) Immediate Annuity plans - Investing lumpsum amount at a time - Taking pension from next month. 3. Child plans 4. Money back insurance plans ( At regular intervals 4 years or 5 years) 4a)Money back insurance plans -Investment period is 6 years/10 years ( money back comes every year for 5 /10/15years based on requirements) 5. Hospitalization plans ( cash will come for the Hospitalization expense). 6. Investment plans with insurance ( ULIP -Unit Linked Insurance plans -Market based ) 7. Whole life plans (coverage upto 100 years of age) Based on the our requirement / age / investment mode / risk acceptance level Benefits : - Financial planning according to the person/family requirement. - Tax savings on Investments / Maturity benefits also.

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