what are the major raw materials imported in India?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION Major items imported into India are Arts & Craft, Machineries & Parts, Fertilizers Allied, Raw wool, Transport Equipments, Aircraft Spare Parts, Textiles, Thread, Office Equipments, Cattle Feed, Stationery, Electrical Goods, Medicine & Medical Equipments, Electronic Goods, Steel Rod & Sheets, Billets, M.S. Wire Rod, Industrial Raw Materials, Polythene Granules, Jackets, P.V.C. Compound, Telecommunication Equipment, Soybean Oil, Insecticides, Palm Oil, Milk (Powder, Skimmed & Condensed), Spices, POL Products, Textile Dyes, Gold, Silver, Video, Leather Products, Television Parts, Light Equipments, Garments, Industry Chemical, Computer Parts.India's major export items are Live Animals, Leather Chemical, Textiles, Ready-made Garments, Raw Cotton, Threads, Fruits, Vegetables, Confectionery & Bakery Products, Milk Products, Soap & Detergent, Coffee, Tea, Cumin Seed & Pepper, Absorbers, Salt, Sugar, Rice, Resin, Pulses, Tobacco, Petrochemical, Bidi Leaves, Textile Chemical, Enamel & other Paints, Organic Solvent, Cement, Paint, Pipe & Pipe Fittings, Sanitary Wares, Bitumen, Electrical Equipment, Medicines, Writing & Printing Papers, Books & Magazines, Cosmetic Goods, Sea Food, Chemical Fertilizers, Insecticides, Dyes & Color Additives, Hand Tools, Agri-Equipment & Parts, Vehicles & Spare Parts, Coal, Machinery & Parts, Glass Sheet & Glassware source: http://www.importexportdata.in/

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