what are the things i should check while taking a life insurance policy in India?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION [b]-Insurance is buying large property/saving large amount in Installments ( even if the resik comes, we will get that money with Insurance coverage.[/b] Example: in 2012 , 25000/- you want to invest every year( 5lacs coverage) FOR 20 YEARS in iNSURANCE/ other alternatives( CHITS/SHARES/FD etc...) What happens for your family, if you get the risk(death in 2014) . after 2 years..what your family will get? Chits - is the amount is guranteed? your family can get that one? - NO Guarantee. Shares - NO Gurantee youmay get 1lac or 10000/- .... FD - You can get @10% interrest rate - maximum of 60000/- [b]Insurance - Your family will get 5 LACS + Bonus ----GUARANTEED[/b] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Points you need to consider before taking the plan --- -what is the exact amount i required for my son/daughter education / marriage or house purchase or retirement needs ? - What is the exact insurance you required/ what is the exact amount you can pay? -What are the most trusted brands in that business like SBI LIFE, LIC,ICICI.... -In that suitable plan is there for me or not? -How you need to pay the premiums in modes - monthly/ 3months/6 months/yearly -What are the documents needed? If you need any further information, please mail me dasrreddy@gmail.com, i am in Hyderabad. Regards

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