what are the top digital cameras available in India?

Answer :its definitely Sony...... [:D] [:-lol]

Answer :Even if we are not photographers, it is really exciting to know about the latest and most high tech gadgets available in the market. Cameras are like computers which also have yearly trends and improvements. Every year, there are new features and advancements being introduced in the market. These are the top digital cameras available in India. [b]Fujifilm Finepix X100[/b] -12.3 megapixel -APS-C format CMOS sensor -23mm fixed focus lens -hybrid viewfinder [b]Canon PowerShot G12[/b] -10 megapixels -CMOS lens -5 times optical zoom -HDR capability [b]Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5[/b] -10 megapixels -3.8 times wide optical zoom -HD video recording -HDMI port [b]Olympus XZ-1[/b] -10 megapixels -CCD sensor lens -10 times optical zoom -4x optimized Zuiko lens

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