what is airtel money. how does it work?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION It is similar to online banking account simplified still simplified for it to work on mobiles. You have two different accounts in airtel money 1. Express and 2. Power account The limit on daily transactions with express account is 10000 and you cant send money to other airtel money users With power account you can send money to other airtel money users and bank accounts With airtel money you can pay utility bills, and you will get regular reminders on bills that are dues once you register the billers. You can also book movie tickets and travel booking on airtel money. Chrges are 5 rs to send to other airtel mobiles and 2% on sending money to bank accounts. You can register online for express account For Power account you need to visit airtel outlet and give your ID proof,photos and fill the form. The list of websites, restaurants, and other outlets that accept airtel money is displayed on airtel money. Its kind of mixture of paypall and netbanking.

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