What is cbfc rating? Who gives this rating? Pls explain?

Answer : Central Board of Film Certification or Censor Board of Film Certification is the regulatory body in India which reviews movies, TV serials, TV ads and various visual content and give it rating or approve and disapprove it. Rating System of CBFC Censor Board of Film Certification has 4 ratings for movies - U - U Rating stands for Unrestricted rating meaning the movie can be watched by everyone U/A - U/A rating stands for Unrestricted rating under the supervision of an adult as the movie may contain some sensitive content related to violence, language or sexuality. U/A movies are only meant for people older then 12 years old. A - A Ratings stands for Adult rating and can only be viewed by people of age 18 and over. S - S Ratings are special ratings which are rarely given to movies which are directed to very specific audience like engineers or doctors.

Answer :cbfc rating refers to Central Board of Film Certification. The Central Board of Film Certification (popularly known as the Censor Board) is a government of India regulatory body and censorship board of India controlled by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. It reviews, rates and censors motion pictures, television shows, television ads, and promotional material. It regulates the public exhibition of films in India under the provisions of The Cinematograph Act 1952. Films can be publicly exhibited in India only after certification by the Board. There are four categories in which films are certified: U, U/A, A, S. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Board_of_Film_Certification

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