what is the criteria which ISB uses for shortlisting students for admissions?

how much GMAT SCORE IS NEEDED WHAT ELSE is needed to qualify? ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION the below would be the criteria any Bschool uses GMAT score will first get you throught the initial screening if you have decent work experience Total work experience Leadership experience Internation work experience Extracariculars Divercity of provide like you being from Life sciences or Non regular backgrounds like milatry Civis sector etc. most applicants will be form IT It also depends on how you present yourself in the interview. And finally after they interview they pick the best from the lot they interviewed. So its not like you have a bad profile, but they may be others with diverse backgrounds and with somethings very different from others. Bschools want to increase the diversity of the class , so they look for profiles with divers background and experience. SO in such a scenario you may loose out if there are a lot of profiles similar to yours. So try and make your profile unique. Add some unique points to it

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