what is the current starus of lookpal bill? please explain what government is doimg finally?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION government presents a weak lookpal bill draft. with below flaws: no judicial powers to lokpall body no investigative powers fine if the compliant given to lookpal is proven incorrect team anna and opposition reject it Anna hazare starts fast for a strong version of lokpal. governs starts a 3 day debate on amendments to lokpal bill under press total 197 amendments received. debate goes on till midnight on 29.12.2011. Government calls off the debate and does not go for voting of the bill saying more time is needed to look in to the requested amendments opposition slams government saying government backed off from voting as they were afraind they will loose the vote since opposition and allies are against the bill drafterd by congress Anna's team says this is exactly how they behaved with them in the initial meetings they had for drafting the bill and now the entire country knows that government is not serious about the bill I believe that this is not a bill that can be passed at once but the government should not have waited till the last 3 days of the winter session to call for debate on the bill.. if they had decided to have debate a week before, they would have had more time..

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