what is the most suitable qualification to get a job in philipines?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION The most and best qualifications of a job applicant in the Philippines are the following: 1. [b]At least 4 Year Bachelor Degree[/b] - this is probably the most common qualifications of any job in the Philippines or any other companies around the world. 2. [b]Computer Literate[/b] - computing is the trending and demanding job in the Philippines, that is why an applicant who are knowledgeable in operating the computer has an edge compared to others who have none. 3. [b]Fluent in English Communication[/b] - this is mostly a must to most business related companies or positions. An applicant should have both oral and written English language communication skills. 4. [b]Pleasing Personality[/b] - this is mostly applicable to customer assistants or related jobs. The applicant should have a good and clean looks to impress customers. 5. [b]Sufficient Job Related Experience[/b] - this is probably the most important qualification that every job applicant should possess. Regards, Mark

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