what position can an IIM/ISB graduate expect in Brand Management domain? at what level do they start initially?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION it depends on your previous experience mostly if you are a fresher or have 2 or less than 2 years experience you will be joining as a management trainee If you already good 5 years or more experience before joining bschool, and if you have choose electives/specialisations relavent to your previous experience, then you can expect to be in a good managerial or consulting position after graduating from Bschool of late ISB grads are not getting good placements. I guess the management is getting greedy and increasing intake to 600-700. Its very difficult to provide placements to such a huge number of students and i heard even on student got as low as 7 lakhs package. Either the quality of education provide should have gode down or the quality of students admited to ISB is less or they have misjudged the demand and recruited students in heards.

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