what should be applied to a wasp bite ?

Answer :1. First immediately remove the stings in the skin. 2. Apply ice pack for at least 20 mins. 3. Take antihistamine and ibuprofen for reducing pain. 4. Then wash the sting with soap and water and 5. Apply antiseptic cream. Get Tetanus booster injection.

Answer :baking soda - works great (my father used to harvest honey from bee hives so we used to get stunk a lot) Also take a straight edge (like on a credit card) and run it across the sting area to remove the bees stinger (it could still be in your hand). Also, if it is swelling very bad - you could be allergic to bee stings. Call the doctor right away and see what they recommend - they might suggest some type of antihistamine (benedryl, etc) to help reduce the reaction and you want to be very careful in the future about being stung.

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