While going to Shiridi through train.. should i get down at Nagarsole/Manmad or Sainagar Shiridi?

I heard shiridi has a new railway station. is it beter to book till there or should we get down at Nagarsole? ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION I have been to Shiridi Recently through Manmad express. Train reaches nagarsole first then it goes to Manmad and from there it takes a u turn to Sainagar Shiridi. Its best to get down Nagarsole around 1 hr journey form shiridi. It will take 3 hours for train to reach Shiridi from Nagarsole to Sainagar Shiridi express. Manmad comes in between. So by time train reaches sainagar shiridi station you can get ready and head to the temple if you get down at nagarsole. While coming back you can board the train at Sainagar shiridi. It is just 3 km from temple.

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