Worldwide how many people hate maths ?

Answer: We can comfortably say that 90% people hat maths in the world. This is based on interaction among different sections of students, old people over a length of time. So far no research has been made to decide the number. among IIT students all of them like maths. Among arts college students 99% hate maths. So the answer 90% hates maths is reasonable in my view.

Answer : I just love maths. Maths is very tricky subject. All other subjects need to lean but maths once we know tricks we will solve it just like that. I am a maths student. I regularly attend my classes also i go through online classes for maths. I want to be genius in maths. I am still going through the lessons. You can check them too you can solve maths problems in easier way. Dont get afraid of maths. Learn the Trick! Learn the maths!!

Answer :ravisivan you are very true. I agree to you.Some like maths and put maths as their scoring subjects and they dont put much efforts in learning and reading it as maths is a completely tricky and logic subject.Students score full marks in maths if they have better knowledge in maths. Some people hate maths,there may be several reasons like failure to understand concept of maths or they dont have proper understanding on maths or fear over maths or failure to understand importance of maths.

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