why are some people upset with PK movie? Whats wrong with PK movie? Why people say it mocking Hinduism?

Well it deals at greater length with so called problems or dogmas in idol worship in Hinduism.

In particular makes fun of idol worship and also makes fun of lord Shiva..

It directly makes fun of Hindu gurus

It does not show gods of other religion in poor light or make fun of them. Not sure if they lack the courage or for any other reason. Hindus don't mind if people make fun of their religion but its not the same with others. There were other movies which had trouble being released and or extensively censored as they showed other religions in poor light.

Even that is OK but if you are dealing with pointing problems in Hinduism most of the movie, they should have dedicated some time to show what actual Hinduism is.

Idol worship is only a part of reaching or realize god.

Hindus worship sun, moon , fire  and have have so many gods to show that god can be found in anything and anywhere and doesn't impose a rigid principle of god unlike other religions.

Meditation or tapasya is a way of realising god in Hinduism and many great rishis and yogis have done tapasya and realised god. But they dont show anything abt it

Temples as per original tradition are built to emanate positive  energy. No talk of that.

In the end they leave the Hindu viewer in a dilemma if having so many gods is wrong and if there is something wrong with Hinduism.

Its looks as if they wanted to make fun of Hinduism than make people understand what Hinduism is.

Perhaps they could have made amir khan touch hands of a rishi and realise what Hinduism is and argue with the god man. Nope they didn't do that.

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