can i earn money by starting a blog?

Answer :Yes you can but you need to keep below things in mind you need to have unique content which is not copied from other websites you need lot of traffic. (you can use facebook, twitter, google plus to share your blog posts with your friends) and get approval from google adsense. It will only be approved if you have lot of content also you should make sure you dont post anything abusive and adult content. If adsense is not approved you can go for chitika or adbrite

Answer :Yes, Why not? A lot of people are earning out there. You can definitely, but I prefer to give you some friendly advice. [:)] Please start a blog according to your interest or a blog of what you know best, because many people have started and ended because of giving less attention to their blogs. Also make sure that whatever you post in that blog should be according to the terms and conditions. And the last thing you will need is patience, because it takes time and hard work to earn! Best Of Luck [:)]

Answer :Definitely you can earn money by starting a blog. However, you have to prioritize thinking about how to earn money by starting a blog. When we talk about blogging there are many aspects to consider. It is not as easy as putting up a blog and earn money right away. Most successful bloggers took years to start earning a good amount of money from using their blog. These are the factors you have to consider before you can start to earn money from your blog. 1. [b]Technical knowledge about blog or website creation[/b] - definitely you have to learn about both the basics and advanced knowledge about creating a blog. Remember that a good blog should be created from your own domain and hosting provider and not by using a free blogging platform. You also need to have a sufficient knowledge about basic HTML for you to place advertisements. 2.[b] Knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)[/b] - if you don\'t have any idea about SEO, it is better not to invest too much time in creating a website or blog to make money. This is because SEO is the most important factor that drives visitors to your blog. Remember the formula SEO = Visitors = Money. 3. [b]Blog Content or Article[/b] - your blog will be useless if you don\'t have the knowledge about creating a good and dynamic blog content or article. You have to consider the proper grammar, spelling, and formatting your blog content to make it more attractive to readers. 4. [b]Keywords[/b] - you also have to know about keywords. Don\'t just write anything without thinking of the keywords because it doesn\'t make sense writing lot of article but no visitors because of the lack of keywords. Goodluck! Regards, Mark

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