what things should i check if my computer becomes slow?what are things to do so my computer doesnot become slow and bestpractices to keep computer in good condition?

Answer :If your computer is running slow then you should check the following: Whether you are having enough hard disk space or not. Left over programs and bad files. check if any data is corrupted. Are you using outdated drivers. Is your OS corrupted. Are you using bad hardware.

Answer :There are many causes of a computer system to get slow, it might be a hardware problem or a software problem. Please consider the following things that you need to consider when your computer gets slow. 1. [b]Hardware Parts[/b] - first, you have to determine first if your computer hardware parts have enough capability to execute the program that you want to run. For instance, you are trying to play an Adobe After Effects CS4 and your computer system has only 512 MB of RAM and 1.8 ghz of processor. In short, you have to increase the capabilities of hardware parts by upgrading it. 2. [b]Hard Disk Drive[/b] - the hard disk drive also plays an important part in the speed of the computer system. The more space the hard disk drive it has, the faster it reads and writes data, thus making the overall performance of the system faster. 3. [b]Computer Virus Infection[/b] - this is the most common reason that a computer system gets significantly slower. The virus uses large amount of the computer memory to run unusably programs. 4. [b]Auto Run Programs[/b] - when you install a computer software, some of them also automatically installs auto run programs which keep running every time you turn on your computer system. You can verify and remove these unwanted auto run programs by clicking Run, type msconfig, and finally click the Startup tab at the top. Regards, Mark

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