how does internet work? how is the internet always up without any downtime? what actually happens when you type a website in the internet explorer? how does a website on one server get accessed by a person in a different location?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION 1. How does internet work? - Basically, the definition of the Internet is the Interconnection of millions of computers around the world identified by their IP Address. The IP address is like the street address of a person residing in a single location. A single computer has an IP address which is provided by the ISP or the Internet Service Provider. The Core Internet is the meeting place of all the computers connected as well as exchange data with each other. 2. The Internet always up without any downtime because it is not just a single connection of computers. The Internet is just only the term for connections of millions of computers, a website might have a downtime but not the Internet itself. The downtime always depends on the server of the website you are accessing. Remember that there are billions of websites around the world on the Internet, it is not possible that they would have a downtime at one instance. 3. What actually happens when you type a website in the Internet Explorer? You are not actually typing on the Internet Explorer itself, you are typing on the address bar of the Web Browser like Internet explorer, firefox, or google chrome. When you type a website address on the address bar, you are actually accessing the Index from the web database of the website's server. It is normally in the format The www is the World Wide Web or you are accessing the Core Internet, the howwherewhat is what we call the domain name, this is where the index page of the website is located, in short it is the address of the website. The .in is the extension name which is mostly used to define or describe what and where is the location of the domain name. For instance, the extension .in is India, .com is for commercial websites, .gov is for government websites, etc. 4. How does a website on one server get accessed by a person in a different location? Similar to the answer on question number 3, the web server is accessed by the person using the Web Browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The person initially types the specific web address of the website like to access the web server. Basically you have to know the specific website address to access it.

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