how does make money?

what is the business model of movie review websites. how do they make money ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION IMDB is a content based website where a lot of content related to entertainment industry is created regularly. Now lets see what are the possibilities for revenue generation for such a site. 1. They can sell advertising space on their site for Movie promotions. static poster ads or flash/video ads for a price. They can also use other ad networks like google adsense. 2. They can provide coverage / publicity to moview/events for a price. 3. They can create a resume service for aspiring actors and publicise it to the intrested production houses who are looking for actors. So they can charge for resume service and also charge the production houses for the use of this resume database, Just like a job portal does with their jobseekers and recruiters. 4. Since a lot of content related to movies is generated, they can sell the content to other sites for a price. 5. As they have a lot of members subscribed to their newlletters or news digest mailers, they can also use these mailing lists for promotional activities and charge a price for distributing news about a movie or a event or anything else. These are what i can think of. I checked that IMDB is already using some of these revenue generation options.

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