is a search engine? i am getting traffic from ?

ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION 1. Is Babylon.Com a Search Engine? - Babylon is a search engine, however, it is not the same as google, yahoo, or bing search engines. It is something that is different from these popular search engines because it should be installed into the browser to use this tool. Many computer users have experienced using this engine but most are dismayed including me myself, because of its somewhat malicious activities on the computer system. Once the babylon is installed in the system, it is not that easy to remove it completely. 2. I am getting traffic from ? - You are getting traffic from babylon because the user or the computer of the user has an installed babylon tool which keeps on making babylon as a default search engine. Many suspects that babylon is a malicious software, however this is an ordinary software but has only malicious type of activity to the computer user.

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