How is genetic material transmitted from parents to offspring?

genes ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION Genetic materials from parents to their offsprings is transmitted through the process of linkage and crossing over. Every human being is composed of 46 chromosomes that are genetic material in the form of 23 pairs. Sperm of male and ovum of female contain only 23 chromosones respectively. It means only half of the total body chromosomes are possessed by sperm and ovum respectively. But after fertilization of ovum by sperm cell, the no of chromosomes completes and total chromosomes in an embryo become 46. Meanwhile the the process of pairing up of 23 chromosomes of female with 23 chromosomes of male involves the crossing over and linkage, chiasma. In replication the genes are coded and in transcription, the coding is transcripted to another gene. In these processes the genetic material and information is transmitted to offspring from the parents.

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