how to improve sentance correction for GMAT ?

Answer :Must have and recommended book is: The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition(Author: Graduate Management Admission Council). As a supplement you should also read - Kaplan GMAT, GMAT Prep Course by Jeff Kolby. If \'sentence correction\' is your weak area or you wish to improve your scores here, the suggested book is - Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction + the official guide+ official guide supplements. Another good book is The PowerScore GMAT Sentence Correction Bible which focuses more on grammar and rules

Answer :staart reading articles on newyork times You need read articles that are irrelavent to your intrest and try to grasp them. This will improve your knowledge in various domains. GMAT essays come from divers backgrounds like technology, science, life sciences, history , economics and finance So try reading different editorials in newspapers on these topics. If in India you can read Hindu editorials

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